Effect of hours spent studying

I have read many postings regarding the lack of understanding significant others, friends and family members have regarding the dedecation required to the obtain those three letters we all seek, so I thought I would share a poem written by my wife. So far she has been subjected to my studying for LI June07, LI Dec07 and LII June08. My husband is a hostage of the CFA. Tortured nearly daily, cramming knowledge into his brain. He comes home from work and goes straight to studying at the table, while I mope around the house ‘cause I can’t watch cable. And then it’s off to bed we go, but wait, he’s still not done. That big pile of notecards have to be reviewed until there’s none. Sometimes I get lonely because I feel like I never see him. A dinner here, thirty minutes there, and if I’m lucky a trip to the gym. But when I get upset about this whole thing and wish he’d just be done already, I step back and remind myself, he’s doing this for me. I certainly have no right to complain; he’s sacrificing more than me by giving up all his free time to build a bright future for our family. I don’t like the long study hours and I miss the time we had before. But in the end it will all be worth it, and that makes me love him even more.

awwwwww…now isn’t that sweet

my wife liked the poem :slight_smile: