Effective Review - What are you doing?

I’ve been taking Schweser practice exams, reviewing questions, reviewing formulas and reworking problems. I plan on taking the Mock exam this weekend. What are you guys doing to maximize these last few weeks?

Writing out all LOS/formulas on Q-cards after I review a Study Section via EOC’s and Passmaster, just to drill it in a final time. And the Q-cards will be good for final week before exam.

Practice exams.

Doing literally every single Qbank problem for my worst study sessions, according to my most recent mock. If I start a subsection [or, god forbid, an entire section] and it’s clear I have no idea what I’m doing, I crack open either Schweser or CFA texts and re-read before doing the questions. I start with sections I did worst on and work up until I get to sections that I have an acceptable number of errors in. Once the weekend hits, I do another mock and rinse, repeat. I think this should keep me busy until exam day. If it’s not working with a week or so left, there’s always panicking.