Effed-up things this exam has done to my head

1.) I have developed severe separation anxiety with my study materials. I double and triple check that my car is locked when my books are in there, god forbid someone break in and steal them… nevermind the $000’s worth of other stuff in there (ipod, laptop, etc.)… 2.) Upon hearing words that used to be part of normal everyday conversation (butterfly, difference, residual, forward, collar, covariance stationary… ok just joking about that last one), my mind is sent racing and starts to think about formulas, theories, concepts, study sessions, LOS’s etc… UGH. 3.) Talking to my sister yesterday (was still at the office studying at 10 pm for the 3rd day straight), she commented on “how sad” it was that I spent the whole holiday weekend studying. Oddly enough, until that point it hadn’t even occurred to me that this was sad, as this is just how my life is and has been for the past 3 months… now that’s sad. 4.) I would actually *rather* study than go out, see friends, shop, etc… I just can’t enjoy the things I used to knowing that I should be studying… but the good news is… LESS THAN 2 MORE WEEKS OF THIS SHIZZ! GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!

LOL. the separation anxiety is hillarious… and i did 3 weeks in europe with the books. had to carry all 12 books probably half a mile at an airport. constantly counting them too.