Looks like it is going to get messy!!

So much for the military’s neutrality. Wanna bet this guy continues to be in charge (or his son) ala Putin come September? Sometimes violence is the only answer. Peaceful protests don’t work.

From: "Earlier in the day, the military’s supreme council met without the commander in chief, Mr. Mubarak. The military is due to issue a statement shortly on state television. The military earlier announced on state television it supports the “legitimate demands of the people.’’ A spokesman said the council was exploring what measures could be made to “safeguard” the nation and its people.” ^Counterpoint, Marcus Although in all honesty, I’m kind of pulling for Mubarak. His government may need reforms but he has been an ally of peace in the region. Don’t forget that before his arrival, Egypt and Israel had just barely survived mutual annihilation in a series of conflicts that set the region back economically much further than any government corruption. Not to mention that most of the current upheaval is driven by high food prices worldwide, over which he has no control. A look at his track record: He is concedes the sovereignty of Israel and has been instrumental in maintaining peace and even cooperating on blockades. Due to this and other stances Islamic fundamentalists have attempted to assassinate him six times since the 80’s. I view this as a sign he’s on the right track. He was against the 2003 invasion of Iraq, arguing that it would “create 100 Bin Ladens”. In general he’s been a very stable force in the region, avoiding fundamentalism and tempering his support of various military operations.

What was the point of this sham speech? Just to rile up the protestors so they do something violent and then he can crack down heavily with the military? And I am not sure he is the best guy for the position right now. He may have been decent once, but now he has become a tyrant drunk with power. That El Baradei guy sounds better…he is educated and did a decent job as the IAEA chief.

He left. Time for celebration.

Valores Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > He left. Time for celebration. Ummmmmmm?

Oh ok, finally he stayed. Idiot