Einhorn book

anyone read it yet? Looks good, real good

It’s solid, especially if you are into the trials and tribulations of a short. I enjoyed it and recommend it. Einhorn may ultimately regret having written this book, though. It’s hard to see his name in the media without the description of “Noted short seller” or “Famed short seller”, even though he claims his short book is only 30% of his long book.

Daj, there is a previous post on the subject around the time it was released. Its an OK book. It just hammers the point home relentlessly that the regulators are broken and managerial capitalism versus shareholders capitalism is the name of the game today. Nothing ground-breaking. I have copies of Einhorn’s shareholder letters since inception (those are a more valuable read). However, I can’t share these due to an NDA in place.

Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle

I would suggest reading it. It’s a solid book to show how much research he does to back a position. Obviously the book is a little biased towards his thoughts on Allied and regulators, but it is still a very worth while read. Some of the more interesting parts for me were actually in the beginning when he discusses the beginning years of his fund and some of the other positions he’s taken through the years.

I plan on picking it up soon. I just have so much to read I find it difficult picking up another book. The website for his book has a back ground on the Allied Capital situation, as well as the video of the speech he made that started everything: Remove “dot”: http://www.foolingsomepeople dot com/main/about-david/recent-talks.html

juventurd Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle The only reason I opened this was to post that…HAHHAHAHAHAH! “Einhorn’s a man? Einhor’s a MAN!”

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THANKS GUYS. i GOT IT and like it so far