Either Elan or BSAS Mocks? Price is neglected

Hey guys,

So I’ve been searching throughout the forum and found many topics discussing yet no final or close to final suggsution to which is a better mock.

Elan Or BSAS for Level 1 or suggest a better one of you have.

All I hear is Elan is not representative and BSAS too. Then other dudes says BSAS is the best. And another one says Elan is better because it is more conceptual etc.

CFAI Mock ofcourse is on top however I have already done it.

I thought of doing old CFAI mocks however people advised me not to due to different LOS etcs.


I took the 3rd Elan Mock and found it to be absolutely loaded with conceptual problems… It was exhausting to say the least but really proved what I know and what I don’t know.

Elan exams are not representative? Where did you hear this?

Here. There are several posts claiming that they are not representative as well as Schweser and BSAS.

Are you saying they are representative ?

To the OP: I am not sure what your sources are, but Elan’s mocks offer excellent practice. The actual exam has very few calculations, most of the questions are conceptual (this was the case both times I took Level I) and that’s exactly how Elan’s mocks are structured.

The only way they are not representative is that they are harder than the actual exam, but they openly say that they have made their mocks harder.