Elan 11th Hour Guide and Book 3 & 4 availability

Hey guys, Just wondering if any of you knew about the availability of the 11th Hour Guide and Books 3 & 4. I ordered hard copies of both and am still waiting on them…their site says December. Anyone have any “insider” info??

I got an e-mail today saying they mailed guide #3 this week, and #4 will be mailed next week. I haven’t heard on 11th hour yet - I plan to ping them next week on that.

I asked that on the forums…it’s probably the best way to post those questions to Elan…they’ve been brutal for keeping timelines.

Yes…Horrible in keeping time lines. Though material is good, this delay is really frustrating me…No details on when exactly…everyday I keep waiting as they said it will be next week blah blah…

They’ve posted on the forum. Volume 3’s already sent out and 4’s next week. You guys need those books already? How far along are you?

Jawz, I am kind of going notin the order. I wanted to match the studies with my MBA classes. So, I want to focus on Econ and Finance… Did you get 3 already? If it is being sent on DHL, should have arrived by now…Not sure what’s happening…

Yea I just got it this morning through DHL. You should have it soon I guess.

I’m kinda all over the place too, but i’ve already spent a ton of time (100+ hours) on FI, Equity, AI and derivatives; currently on Quant.