Elan 11th Hour Guide Assessment - Level II

For those who already bought or seen the Elan 11th Hour - Level II, kindly feed back with regard to its quality, comprehinsivity, and is it as good as Level I guide? Thanks dudes !

it’s good enough for you to memorize the key stuff. But there are some errors there, you shouldn’t rely on then, go back to CFAI whenever you feel confused.

I find it quite useful. Very similar style and structure to the LI guide. @stehpaniez: Have you reported these errors to them? They have a couple of errata on their website but if there are others it would be helpful to other users if you or they could list them somewhere. Thanks!

That’s useful…thanks Is it PDF file? or a software? Bcoz they dont have it hardcopy!

Yes, I already have and they had it included in the errata.

a pdf file with ur name on it!

@ stephaniez … Thanks alot Anymore contributors !!

Up Up !!!

Dude!!! Create a LII account on their website and you get the fixed income section for free in the free trial. See if it helps and then make your own call!

IMO, their last 2010 L1 11th hour is better than this L2 guide. This book is full of texts and less graphical, something which really helps me understand and retain the concepts.

Thank buddies!!!