Elan 11th hr

How long is the Elan 11th hour material? Wondering how many pages it is and if I can get through it efficiently or not at this point. I’m about to start trying questions but will need review for a lot of topics I’d imagine and going through the notes could take forever. Is it worth the money? I liked the videos and study guides but it is too long and those videos take up an entire day for one topic half the time.

I think it’s worth it even though I’m not using it in the way that I thought I’d be using it. Right now I’m making my own version of 11th hour, though a condensed version only including stuff that I’m likely to forget. 11th hour is helping as a guide to summarise what Elan thought is important, so it allows me to pick and chose what I want to include/exclude in my own notes.

Also, some of my review for certain topics will probably just come from this book. For example, Hedge Funds, I’ll probably only use 11th hour as I’m expecting a fairly high level question on this topic that 11th hour will probably cover adequately.

It’s $70, just get it.

288 pages. And it’s 50 bucks for the online version (.pdf). Definitely worth it IMHO.

How does it compare to Schweser Secret Sauce?

Thanks I bought it. I’m going to need it. I don’t have time to read everything again and need to revisit a couple of concepts when going through the questions. Looks decent at first glance.