Elan 2011 Mocks Diff from 2010 Mocks?

Elans website offers 3 full length mock exams. I failed in december and bought 2 off their website in 2010. anyone know if the content will differ significantly? I just dont want to spend $150 for the same reorganized test questions… Thanks

really? you need 6 schweser mock exams + CFAI mock so a total of 7 exams is not enough?

Starbuk, I’d like to take different exams from different sources, so maybe a few Elan, a few Schweser, and several CFAI.

i emailed elan… since 15-20% material differ from 2010 curriculum the tests will be moderately different. they are also releasing a another last mock mid april which will be vastly different. Also brought to my attention the offer a 2011 free mock on their site. 120 questions across all topics so basically a half test for free.

Would you mind resending? For some reason I didn’t get it. The address is: StudyingForCFA @ gmail . com (no spaces)

I heard they are different. But I am with you, $150 is too expensive!! Is there no cheaper review solution available?

It’s 150 for 3 mocks and the 11th Hour Guide for Level I. I would highly recommend both those items. FYI: They offer a 25% discount for groups of 3. That’s what the Level II’s are doing, so you people might want to get in on the action similarly: http://www.analystforum.com/phorums/read.php?12,1238301

Good call Mustafa, I’d hop on that deal as well…making it two people