Elan discount

I think i’m gonna switch over from Schweser to Elan. Are there other people who are yet to buy Elan’s LII notes who’d be interested in getting together for their 25% discount? Let me know

Please add me to your group, not again.

Elan ID is: javier.retail

Looking to get the essential prep package.

I just emailed them. Let’s see what they say

I am interested in joining you as well. Do we all need to be purchasing the same package?

I’d also be interested - I emailed them but got no response …

When I emailed them last year I was told the discount would be good if you bought the Ultimate or Essential Prep package.

ill keep calling writing till i hear back! will let you guys know

Heard back from them but on an individual basis … I’m trying to get them to give us all a group discount

WIll keep you posted


So this is what I got from Elan: Not entirely sure why CFA member socities would have any say on what Elan does.

We are sorry, but we no longer offer the group discount. Our new partnership agreements with CFA member societies preclude us from offering this discount.

Details regarding all available discounts can be found on the discounts page on our website.

Let me ask them about individual discounts like gpmagnus said and see what I can get