Elan Eleventh Hour

just wondering anyone tried the level 2 eleventh hour yet?

I haven’t read through the entire thing yet but it looks ok. You can tell its the first time Elan has thrown it together. The document makes references to ‘cfa level 1 exam’ and i found a typo (PSA formula given is 6% * t/360) which is unfortunate… I don’t think its possible to learn anything new from this guide, but i do think it has value in so far that provides a 200 odd page ‘refresh’ on the 70 readings. Would be particularly useful if you’ve read the cfa material but not taken comprehensive study notes. Hope this is helpful.

FWIW… I really like it from what I have read so far. For someone like me who has note made his own notes, it’s been a huge help in bringing everything together. FYI since SFA didn’t mention it… the guide does not cover the Ethics chapters. Also you get access to a lot of Level I videos for free with the book, which you might or might not find useful.