elan guide pace, minutes per section

Since there seems to be a Scheweser thread, I decided to make a elan one. I know i’m typically slow in letting things soak in, but I just wanted to get a general idea for how long its taking people to read through a section. And by read, i mean actually try to understand it, highlight it and so on, other than just skim/read it. Its taking me close to 50 minutes for every 10 pages (rough estimate) so far in Econ for elan’s study guides. And after spending almost an hour per section, I’m finding to be getting mostly all the EOC problems right on both elan and cfai. But i’m just worried about my pace, as I’ve only done one study session in quant and should be finishing up econ this week. At this point, I already quit trying to read cfai text other than use them for practice problems. thoughts? cliffnotes, yeah i know i’m slow but aside from that, how long does it take you ELAN users to soak in a chapter - or 10 pages? what about a standard CFAI text for you non-elan.

I think you’re pace is good, it’s gonna depend on a number of factors: how well you know the subject, your frame of mind (tired, energetic, etc.), whether you’re a natural studier or not (which I’m not). If you feel like you’re getting all the CFA EOC questions right then you have a little more flexibility for review before the end of the exam, do you have a study plan on where you want to be for that?

For stuff that I am very comfortable with already (econ) I just stuck to the elan notes and I think I took like an hour on average on a reading to completely digest the material. For quant fra and debt I watched the videos before the notes and I found that the reading goes really fast after watching the videos. I basically just refer to the elan stuff. I use the cfa books for summaries and pq’s. Doing well enough on the questions so I guess its working so far.

Sounds about right. I used the CFA text for Ethics/Standards & Quant, then I decided to order Elan. Since then, I have used only Elan notes for Econ and now FSA. I usually spend approx. 1 hour on each study note; and then I spend 30 minutes or so on the Elan questions & the CFA EOC questions. I almost feel guilty, completing a session in less than 2 hours with elan, as opposed to the 3 or 4 hours it was taking me with the CFAI textbooks. Hope I am not taking a shortcut; rather just becoming more efficient.