Elan Guide USB Video downloads - how can I view them?

Elan have updated their dashboard with a handful of videos:

Download Links for USB Lecture Videos:

Level II June 2014 - Lecture Video 34 Industry and Company Analysis

Level II June 2014 - Lecture Video 44 A Primer on Commodity Investing

Level II June 2014 - Lecture Video 45 Credit Analysis Models

Level II June 2014 - Lecture Video 56 Credit Default Swaps

Level II June 2014 - Lecture Video 58 Residual Risk and Return: The Information Ratio

Level II June 2014 - Lecture Video 59 The Fundamental Law of Active Management

However, when I download them I cant view them on any programs (WMPlayer, VLC). They have an extension .wmv.mpvideo

no idea what the .mpvideo part is, but either way do these work for anyone, if so do you know the video codecs I need to download to view them?


Is this even legal that you are sharing them? Cease and desist!

Oops, they weren’t supposed to be hyperlinked, was just copying and pasting the text so people know to which videos I’m referring.

Either way I believe these are A) Free materials B) Content providers are not stupid enough to allow direct links without logins to content they want to protect.

But either way thanks for pointing it out, now please someone help!


i cant figure it out either and i emailed them and they wanted me to troubleshoot all this and that with them. i aint got time for that. you can, however, view the videos in the video lectures section. you just cant download them.

Thanks dude, if it’s not a simple fix I too will leave it.

Will try the video section; seems like it’s an obvious thing to do but I only paid for the eleventh hour guide so never even thought about Élan videos.