Elan Guides lecture material

Anybody else using this?

I’ve used the lectures to try and help solidify material I wasn’t grasping.

Mostly made this decision because of Peter Olinto moving to Elan. Yet hes not been on a single on of the lectures I viewed??

Whats up with that?

He’s on there alright, but unfortunately he’s not on hard topics you really need help for (FRA, Quant, Econ). Being a CPA, he should have covered the difficult FRA study session in my opinion. That other guy does a decent job though, I went through that FRA SS this weekend watching his videos and I could do all the EOCs with no problem.

Damn I’d say that’s pretty awesome. Was this your first pass at the EOCs?

I must be the only one who prefers the other guy to Peter Olinto.

For me, Peter rambles too much for me, hard to keep focus. i would have hated it if he covered the FSA materials or the Swap section. I bought all his sections on Equity and couldn’t watch it.

I’ve been using Elan Ultimate Prep package for my preparations.

Although, Basit might be a good teacher, I find him a bit too slow. Further, it seems as if he reads the entire notes almost word to word. I think it’s just a waste of time to view his entire lectures. I only use his videos for the stuff I don’t properly understand.

Peter on the other hand, adds a lot of his insights to the material. I find that helpful because it enables me to understand the idea behind the whole thing and how everything adds up together. I think it is critical to have a holistic approach to understanding the curriculum.

@Pass Hungry - I would suggest that you check out this link - http://www.elansguides.com/docs/L2-AVS-2013J.pdf . It shows which readings are done by Peter and the ones by Basit.

No, 2nd pass, but first time I gave up mid way or was just guessing. After wathcing the videos over the weekend (for Intercorporate, Pensions, and Multinational), I was just flying through the questions without too much difficulty (80%-90%). I highly recommend these videos. I didn’t touch a video for L1, but for L2 they really help give you an invtuitive feel for the material.

NICE! I’ve only bought Elan’s pensions video and it was extremely useful. I was completely lost after watching the Schweser video and reading the SchwerNotes AND the curicullum for pensions. Everything clicked after I watched that video.

I’ve already dropped more than $1000 on prep materials but I think I’ll buy the Intercorp and MNC video as well and check it out. Anyone with some feedback on their PM, DER and FI videos and who does them?

Good to know that. I’ve been struggling with those three readings. Would give it a go.

I’m a big fan of the Elan videos, I prefer Peter over Basit, but I think they both do a good job explaining the chapters. And I know watching the videos is better for me personally than reading the books and hoping I comprehend the material (because I usually won’t). For me personally I have done the EOC questions and while I have not necessarily gotten them all right I understand/know the process of how to obtain the answers due to the videos, which I think is half the battle. Usually when I look at the answer guide I can write the explanation of the answers in my own words instead of writing down the explanation word for word that is in the book.

PM, DER and FI all good

I think Peter and Basit are both good. Basit is definitely too slow, the videos can be done in half the time if he would write the notes out before the lecture.

Thanks Strevie. I think I’m OK on all other subjects. Will hopefully watch all of these this week and post my thoughts.

who is teaching swaps ?

Swap is basit shajani, the pension video guy

very comprehensive but too slow for me

I’m with bloodline on this one. I prefer Basit Shajani to Peter Olinto, but both are excellent. With Basit’s video’s I can jump straight into the EOC without having to read much from the study notes.

30$ :frowning: for swaps

How are videos on last 3 readings in FRA

I find the really subjective and confusing

Basit is a lot better than Peter yes

Don’t know about you guys, but I’ve found these videos almost overkill and ineffective. Who has 6 hours to spend on one single concept?

ELan doesnt have L3 videos right

Lets hope we dont need elan after result