Elan Guides or Curriculum?

I am taking June 2014 level 1 exam and studying with Elan Guides. I was wondering if following Elan guides study notes will be enough or i need to go through curriculum as well. Though every time I finish a reading I go through the curriculum LOS to make sure if I covered everything.

Do ethics from curriculum. For other study sessions just practice the back questions from curriculum.

Thank you so much for your suggestion. I guess I should go through both curriculum and study notes for my preparation as u said earlier I have enough time.

I am planning on going through ethics twice as some suggest. The first time around im mostly just going through the notes though. Second time (near the end) I will focus more on the CFA material.

Hi, i studied from Elan. For level I, i never went through the curriculum except for attempting the CFA questions. I also solved 2000 practice questions of Elan, and at the end i was very well prepared.