Elan Guides Ultimate Plus Package

Hey Everybody,

I brought the Ultimate Plus Package for Level 1 from Elan after reading various reviews on the website. I just received a package at my door consisting of the textbooks, the 11th hours review and a flashdisk. The flashdisk is asking for a serial number that was suppose to come with the package but did not. Has anybody else had this trouble?

They send it in a separate email. Check junk mail, otherwise email them.

Thanks much appreciated!

One more thing.

I can get only sound to load for the video presentation and not video. Any tips?

Hi @mbjones21 I am from India,

can you plz share the sudy materials with me especially 11th hour review guide, i am short on funds due to very weak financial condition & i need help plz drop a mail on swapnil05in@mail.com