Elan kind of disappointing.

It’s the beginning of April and I’m sure many of you like me who waited for Elan’s promised fixed income section and videos to be released aren’t up yet. Including the 11th hour. The fixed income section was promised to be sent and uploaded the first time in mid Februrary which changed to mid March.

Customer service is kind of spotty as they will only send you a reply once they have an update or you have to wait 2-3 weeks for a reply normally.

While, there stuff is quite good and it’s been helping me a lot I’ve been really dissapointed in the lack of communication by customer service.

I just wanted to post this here for anyone deciding between Elan and Schweser for the December exam.

they sold out. i am pissed too. they promised L3 videos which was never delivered. I ended up going iwth schweser. In terms of quality of videos. Nothing beats elan though. They are much better at presenting videos. Lots of examples. faster talkers. less nonsense. But they dont hold up to their promises. Whatever you hear from elan, do not trust it. Low key though, if elan came out with a complete set of videos and I fail L3. I will sign up with them (lolzars). But their promises are garbage.

Mate I have sent Elan around 5 emails asking when my hard copy of fixed income and 11th hour are arriving. They keep responding a crappy message like ‘we will deliver next week’ and never do.


I received a full refund… I was very disappointed. I have a tablet computer, and wasnt able to watch the videos. The videos arent compatable with tablets apparently… I tried using a hard copy and playing it, and it still didnt work.

I was looking forward to Elan. I used Becker for the CPA and enjoyed Olinto…

I was amazed that Elan online wasnt compatable with Tablets… I thought we were in a day in age that everything was tablet friendly. Perhaps with Wiley buying out Elan we can look forward to better delievery in the future. But in the mean time, it doesnt help with my level 1 studies.