Elan mock Ethic question

Hello guys I dont agree with elan’s answer. To avoid plagarism an analyst must disclose A. The sources of widely available public information B. The sources of summarized resports of other analysts. C. or both (A. and B.) Correct answer is C But in my opinion it should be just B. For example LIBOR rates…we dont need to disclose from where we obtained the rate or am I wrong here? Thanks

Its C. Got to have public available information to verify

I would only say B if the information talked about in A was provided on gov. statistical sites. I may be wrong but thats what I think you were getting at.

yes that is exactly what im talking about. But I read the CFAI material and there is nothing like that mentioned. But in Schweser it is. So do you guys think the source should be stated any time doesnt matter if public site as in gov statistical site etc

Elan says the same thing. Sources for information both publicly-available AND privately-generated must be disclosed. Unless the CFAI explicitly disagrees with this rule I would just go with it to be safe.

S&P index prices dont need to be disclosed.