Elan Mock Exams Scores

Has anyone taken one so far?

I took my first one yesterday and got a pitiful 58%. It certainly was a big wake up call!

i think you should go first to 11 hours guide and then go to mock

it will make good score for you and disclose weak topic area you are in

Hang in there. I haven’t taken Elan mocks but I have taken 7 of the Schweser practice exams. After my first one I scored 68% but have been between 72 and 83% for the other ones. I am consistently doing well with ethics and fixed income and econ but have been all over the place with the other topics. For example bombing quants one exam and then getting perfect the next. The end result is a decent score but it makes it tough to target my weak areas.

wrong topic. btw i scored 69% in Elan’s mock yesterday :slight_smile:

When i took L1 in dec, i did first elan mock 3 weeks before exam and my score was only 45

as long as you know what your weaknesses are, you have a good chance of passing.

what i did then was mock, then find percentage score for each subjects (corpin, fra, etc) to gauge which one i was weak to read the schweser for that subjects i was weak and eleventh hour for those i was ok

then mock again,repeat the process. By mock 6 (elan/schweser/cfai) i took notes which LOS i got wrong. I ended up doing 8 mocks. Thanks to this strategy, i passed with 8 subjects top marks, while quant and pm in mid range.

Btw when i did elan mock 3 i had severe migraine that i threw up. Elan mocks were so difficult

good luck all

IMO, élan mocks are overly difficult. Don’t worry you have plenty of time to review.

They are difficult for sure, but they test concepts and that’s important.