Elan Mock Exams

are these supposed to be a joke? i can barely get one question right on an entire exam yet on Scheweser i can do above 70% consistently…

Anyone have any thoughts on these?

I did better on the Elan mock than the Schweser mocks. I did the best on the CFAI March Mock though.

Elan’s mock #1 was significantly more difficult than any of the Schweser mocks, in my opinion. They are meant to be challenging and you should expect to score lower on them.

The harder the mocks are, the more you learn from them. I wish they were harder.

i remember somebody getting like a 90% or something on Elan…no idea…

i would rather at this time focus on cfa mocks

Oh my… I have taken two schweser practice exams and am scoring close to 60% on them…

Would appreciate if some one can comment about how close Schweser practice exam is to the real test… Mocks are certainly harder compared to them…

Difficulty level on mocks is

Elan’s >>>> Schweser > CFAI Mocks

I wanna say that I would suspect the real exam would fall somewhere between CFAI mock and Schweser but dont get too comfortable scoring 60% on Schwesers.

Please send me the Elan mocks here golden.guys1@gmail.com