Elan Mocks


has anyone done the Elan mock exams so far. I find them really though especially the 2nd one

What are your scores? I scored:

1st AM: 65%

1st PM: 67%

2nd AM: 71%

2nd PM: 60%


I liked the Elan exam format, being a level 2 re-taker, I felt these are worded more like the actual exam vs. the Schweser ones and also match the actual with regard to difficulty.

I did the first exam few weeks back and scored an average of 65%, am looking to do the 2nd one later this week, will let you know.

You have good scores, still few days to patch up weak spots, keep at it!

Good to know this.

I was around the 60% mark on Mock 1 (took it a while ago). Was breaking 70 easy on Schweser last week. Then I took Elan Mock 2 morning yesterday and got exactly 70.

Unlimited: I plan to take the afternoon tomorrow. Is it much harder (as your score appears to suggest…

71% on elan 1, 62.5% on elan 2. The 2nd mock was super nitpicky on the number of “statement 1 is correct, statement 2 is correct, both correct” type questions.

85 on exam 2 morning and 78 on afternoon. wont the real exam be wordier than this??

65% on Elan II morning…

Just got burned on the 2nd Elan AM exam, got a 60%…


65% Elan mock 2 afternoon. Thought it was challenging.