elan notes much less pages than schweser

Hello guys I just received the Elan study notes…seems like the books are much smaller (fewer pages) than Schweser etc. do they really cover everything that we need, or in depth enough? thanks for the feedback

They are more than good. Don’t worry. I used them for review after reading the CFAI material once and didn’t notice anything was missing. Now I’m doing all the EOC questions from the CFAI books and so far I’m getting by pretty well (89% ethics, 79% FRA and 83% Econ).

They cover more than Schweser. I think there was a thread somewhere that discusses this.

ok thank you guys…it definitely is better to read than schweser…

About the quality of the printed books, are the Elan Guides papers like the CFAI books or regular paper ?

economicz, from my experience the paper quality is good, thicker than CFA books for sure, but the binding is cheap.