Elan Notes & Schweser Qbank

Hello All,

I know there has been a lot of comarison over Elan and Schweser but I was wondering, has anymore used the Elan notes/videos in conjunction with Schweser Qbank? Did you find any value in this approach for Level II? I have heard mixed reviews over Qbank for Level II but I thought it added a lot of value for Level I so I did not want to write it off without asking first.


Disclaimer: This is MY PERSONAL opinion. Everyone is different…

Having said that I would say that the Elan notes, PQs and videos plus EOCs should suffice. Do the EOCs 2-3 times over. The CFAI apparently has its own Qbank this year so wait till they release it, check it out and make the call on Kaplan’s Qbank. If you need the extra practice, go ahead.

Some extra advice (for a more general audience): At Level I you probably don’t need videos but I can’t imagine doing as well on Level II as I did without the Elan videos.

I used Elan study notes exclusively for level II. I used one maybe two elan videos due to lack of time. the notes are very good and were more than enough for me to pass. of course i also used CFAI EOC and select BB examples.

I used schweser notes, schweser qbank, and CFAI EOC’s for level 2. I’ve always thought schweser notes were great…the qbank was useful to repeat concepts and memorize. EOC’s were great for actual vignettes and difficulty level…schweser mocks were also key for me. While I only used 20-30% of the qbank I still found it useful. The only thing I used of Elan was their free level 2 formula sheet, really liked that…complemented my own formula sheet very well.

Hey sheikh, great advice. I must admit that for level 1, elan notes, PQs and CFAI EOCs were enough for me to pass very comfortably. I really didn’t feel like watching the videos at that time as I was able to understand the material just well enough by reading their notes.

I was kind of hopping to plan the same strategy going forward for Level II - not to rely on any videos at all. Yet you are suggesting to watch them. Please can you elaborate a bit more on the effectiveness of watching videos at Level II?

I didn’t resort to videos much at Level I either, but at Level II I would strongly adivse you to watch videos for a lot of the complicated topics like econ (growth theories), FRA (big 3), FI, DER, PM, QM. They offer all their QM stuff for free so check them out and see decide if the videos make a difference. I definitely thought they did…

FWIW I thought Equity was the easiest subject at Level II. We’re lucky its the most heavily tested subject.

I did: elan notes, elan & schweser videos, elan pq, elan mocks, CFAI mocks, 1 schweser mock, bb and eoc from CFAI curriculum: passed (tho by a whisker) with 3 month prep

Last year, I used a bit of Qbank, did CFAI EOCs once and attempted just three mocks. Failed with a band 10.

This year, i solved elan PQs, did CFAI EOCs twice and attempted 7 mocks in total. Passed with greater than 70 in all subjects.

Oh ya i forgot to add that i read elan’s 11th hour book twice and took elan formula sheet everywhere i went. i did bb n eoq only once, but did a total of 6-8 mocks using elan, schwes, CFAI

Hi ninini, you mentioned that you used elan and schweser while studying for the level 2 which you passed - congrats! Would you mind sharing it with me? I’m fellow indonesian here taking the level 2 in 2014! Thank you so much!

Hello sillygoose ouch too late i already gave my used elan 2013 package to my work colleague who is resitting 2014 (failed in 2012) and i also have returned the schweser stuffs that my friend lent me. So Sorry. My colleague asked for my books soon as i told my boss i passed hehe.

Do lotsa eoc, bb and mocks and you will most likely pass too! Good luck!

Where’d you get the free Elan level 2 formula sheet from?

Last year it was free on elan web site. You should check