Elan or Schweser?

I studied with Schweser in level 1, still waiting for results.

Meanwhile I came across a couple of threads that said Elan material is so damn good.

Anyone has compared Schweser vs Elan?

Should I change or stick to what I studied with?

Try out samples of both the providers and then ask your better judgement to answer for you.

did schweser level 1… hated it with a passion. Qbank is pointless

doing elan for level 2 and I love it. I actually look forward to the readings because its literally TO THE POINT unlike any other materials Ive studied…

Also, elan practice q’s in PDF form are so useful. My study plan has been to download the free elan study guides and write on them examples and notes as I study… helps tremendously

In summary - ELAN.

Elan as well, their explanations are more indepth to help you understand the content. But i do wish that they have more practice questions.

Well Elan’s PQs coupled with CFAI’s end of chapters questions were more than enough for me to pass easily. I guess its not about quantity, but quality.

+1…although not sure about the “easily” part for me.

Used Schweser for Level I, switched to Elan’s for Level II. So far im loving it. Their videos are great, easy to understand and takes you right to the point. I also like how their notes are laid out according to the LOS. Definitely worth the $.

Are the elan study notes similar to schweser or better ? Are the concepts explained better in elan or is it just the addition of the LOS tracker which makes it better ?

IMHO, Elan’s study notes are better than Schweser’s for Level II. Last year, Elan did a darn good job of explaining some of the notoriously difficult readings of CFA curriculum in depth notably, pensions in FRA, MBS/ABS in FI, Time Series in Quants, Options/Swaps in Derivatives and growth theories in Econ. Btw Schweser also has LOS trackerz now, but Elan’s explanations are more detailed and easier to follow.


Elan explained concepts very well especially Pensions, derivativesand PM. Their videos for Econ and PM expecially were a life saver for me. In fact i used their video for first reading for both Econ and PM. I Read the chapter afterwards. I got >70 in PM thanks to their videos. Econ remained a mystery and to be frank i did Econ towards the end of my prep and didn’t devote much time. Was focused on heavyweights which thankfully got me through.

I used their notes exclusively and rarely had to refer to CFAI text.

They have improved over last year i guess. I would recommend Elan for both levels.

I hated Econ at Level I even though i did study from Elan. How bad is Econ at Level II?

Econ is much better in L2. Most of the topic is FX arb, which is a lot more fun and interesting than the silly theories that don’t ever hold up in the real world.

Econ is by far the worst section at Level I and Level II. The second Econ chapter at Level II was impossible but then so was that IS-LM reading at Level I. I just feel the curriculum is overly complicated for Econ.

Oh and for the OP, at Level I you can go with Elan or Schweser- it won’t make much of a difference. At Level II go with Elan. Their books and vidoes are much better trust me.