Elan or Schwezer Question Bank Level II 2018?

Hi, Please help me on this. I had purchased Schweser question bank $300 one for Level 1 and it was very helpfully and fortunately i have passed now for Level II am not sure if i should use Schweser Question Bank as i get mixed opions in using Level 2 Schweser question bank. Please help me which one should I go for? Thanks in Advance.

I’m currently using the Schweser Qbank. A lot of people think it’s a waste of time but if you start early, it helps you solidify concepts in their simplest forms. Not used Wiley so I can’t really tell which is better.

None. Q-Bank for L2 is not an effective use of time. If you really want to get one, get either, they’re each just as fućking useless as the other.

I have also been told that Schweser Qbank is not useful for level 2 and never touched it.

Would advise to focus on topic tests and end of chapter questions instead.

Schweser is probably fine, but make sure you do all of the CFAI questions first! Those are the ones that really matter!!!


Thanks all for the promt reply…

I found the Schweser Q-bank to be helpful, if used for reinforcement/drilling of concepts which you have already more or less learned through the readings, EOC/BB, etc. What I particularly liked was that if work was slow one afternoon in April/May, I could create a 20-30 question quiz on whatever topics I had recently spent time reviewing to test my memorization and ability to execute. If I couldn’t recall the necessary formula, I could view the solution with one click to remind myself,and hopefully remember it next time.

Is it as helpful as EOC or mocks? Absolutely not. But the more frequently you force yourself to try to recall a formula or technique from memory, the more likely you will be to successfully remember on test day. The Q-bank gives you a little more flexibility to practice when you don’t have a few hours to sit down with all of your materials and practice in an ideal setting.

Hi folks,

I have made concerted efforts to prepare my hand-written notes while preparing for Level II. Inevitably, I believe this would be of much help to you all. It is strictly according to the curriculum. The notes contain very important points as in:

1. Mock appeared topics/lines

2. Lifeline (any sentence/formulae) which forms the foundation of any topic; the triggering part.

For brevity, it is the crux of curriculum, so don’t consider it to be a substitute of curriculum. For deep digging and best understanding, would recommend you to read curriculum or schweser whichever you want.

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Save your money. Do CFAI EOCs and the practice questions online (there’s close to 500 questions there).

Yeah would say the focus should be on mocks. Just do eoc questions and that is sufficient