Elan Practice Questions vs. Finquiz web based test bank

Since i already have the schweser qbank and havnt found it very usefull due to lack of item sets…im planning on buying either the elan or finquiz qbank…can someone please advice me as to which one has more item set format Q’s (also the level of difficulty compared to each other) as ive never used either of them before.

Also the price for finquiz seems very reasonable…you get 3 mocks plus the test bank for $250…which along with schwesers 6 practice exams plus CFAI mock would give me 10 mocks before the final exam. 11 if i also take schweser mock.


I would also like some feedback on this.

I have elan, and a warning I can give you is that the majority of the questions are not yet available. Their questions appear very solid, and are frequently considerably harder than Schweser or the EOCs. If you can do well on Elan, you can do well on anything.

That being said, a major disadvantage that Elan has over the other providers is that all of their questions are PDF format. There is not a digital question bank as there is on Schweser.

thanks for the info :slight_smile: