Elan practice questions

for those of you who took June or anytime prior and used Elan to study, how similar were the Elan practice questions to actual exam questions? am i better off working off these or practice questions from CBOK?

also, any suggestions on how to tackle ethics? just read through it a few times?

Elan’s questions and mocks were really good. However, if you only have time do EOC questions or Elan PQs, its a no brainer- do the CFA EOC’s. I would however, strongly encourage you to make time to do both.

thanks Cinderella. in that case, how much time should i allocate to do both? is a month sufficient?

The CFAI EOCs are top priority. Elan practice questions are good.Agree with Cinderella. Do both.Can’t say how long it will take ,it depends on the hours you put in. More importantly focus on the questions you get wrong and know why you got them wrong.solving a ton of questions wont help unless you correct your mistakes. Above all do the CFAI mock and at least 2 Elan mocks.here too take time to analyze what you got wrong and why.

I used elan practice questions last year and found them quite similar to the exam questions. Unlike schweser qbank, elans PQ are focused more on testing your concepts rather than make you solve the tricky math. And actual exam day questions are just like that!