Elan videos + Schweser Notes?

Hey guys, I started off with schweser but wasn’t impressed by their video instructions much.

I have decided to buy the Elan Ultimate Prep Package.

Do you think it would be a good idea to view the elan videos and read the schweser notes? Or would you recommend doing it from Elan altogether?

Hi, If you watch the videos from Elan, I doubt you will need to read anything. Those made by Basit Shajani are soooo long that it takes you just as much time, if not longer, to watch Elan or to read Schweser! I regret buying all Elan videos, should have just got those made by Peter Olinto only as the pace of Mr. Shajani is killing me and I won’t ever manage to watch them all. So if I were you, I’d either watch or read, whichever you prefer + do all EOC from the curriculum + all BB + all EOC from Schweser.

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Thanks Lili, that’s helpful. I think I’d still go for the Ultimate package as I wouldn’t be saving much by buying all individual videos by Peter Olinto.

Btw, what does BB stand for?

BB = Blue Box

And Lili_, what’s with the wonky pages of characters after your messages?