ELAN Vs Schweser Mock Exams

Can anyone tell me about these Mock exams? Can you retake them? Can you print them off and study with them? Do they show you how you answered and where you went wrong? I am looking at dropping some cash, but I want to spend it well. Thanks

Elan is the closest thing to the real exam, or so it was last year. Elan you get a pdf, Schweser you get to take it online. You can print Elan and retake it, although I dont see what purpose that would serve. You would be better off reviewing where you went wrrong than retaking. After you saw the test once, it lost that simulation aspect. So you are better off saving yourself the 6 hours and simply studying where you went wrrong. Schweser is online, you can see your answers after the test any time you wont. If I remmber right you can NOT retake it in test mode. But you can simply look at where you went wrrong and right… Elan offered a free mock last year, and that free mock was online. It was awsome cause it tells you how you rank compared to other. And it was very close to the real exam as well. Their paid mock is pdf, you dont get such stats!!! Schweser give you a score, as well as an avg score of other people. Not as usefull as a percentile ranking, but still a good indication. Schweser mock books are good. Last year their volume II was very calculation intensive and looked nothing like the exam. Volume I much better,.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts gulfcfa. Can any other retakers/Level II candidates comment on this please?

Use the search function folks. I’ve read good things about the Elan and 7 city mocks, OK things about the BSAS mocks, and aweful things about Schweser Vol 2.