To all those who have used Elan for June 10,does Elan cover all topics fairly well or is CFAI text needed ? doing ethics from CFAI text only though.

If you don’t mind reading from the CFAI texts I would say purchase a questionbank from Stalla or Schweser. All my colleauges/friends who have take Level 1 have said this is the most important part of retention besides the reading themselves. Just my two cents ---------------------------------------------

have Q bank for practice. Want to know if Elan is good enough for conceptual understanding or CFAI is required for some topics

I found myself making notes in the margin of my 11th hr on some topics that were not covered in great depth… but then again it is only the 11th hour guide that i purchased.

Their study notes are good enough for everything except Ethics, which you should study from the CFAI texts. They email you their econ e-book for free if you register on their website. Check it out and make your call. In my opinion they really are the best Level I prep provider (for books, videos and mocks).

I got their Ultimate Pack which was great! I ended up only using the CFA books for Ethics, EOC questions and summaries. My scores on practice tests (BSAS, elan mocks, CFA mock and samples) have ranged from 78-85% so I’m quite confident going into tomorrow. Let’s see how it goes, but I have no problems recommending them to others. I also used Schweser’s QBank which was great for practice, but I thought the questions were very different from those I saw on practice tests.