which of the following best describes elasticity of demand in a perfect competitive market? Firm elasticity Market elasticity a. zero infinite b. zero some finite number c. infinite zero d. infinite some finite number i will post the answer tomorrow. I will not have access to internate till then. have a good time folks.

I’d say a but im not sure at all

I’d say C.

I just had this flash card. I think it’s D. Infinite elasticity is a perfectly elastic market. Market demand is not perfect, greater than zero less than infinite. Based on my notes, zero is no where to be found. Or my flash cards suck.

C is ok, but I think D is better. The problem with C is that at some point when the price increase is relatively big, people give up.

I am for D

I’m thinking D too.


Market elasticity has to be generally finite in this case… I can see that if draw a standard demand and supply curve which cross each other somewhere. Since demand elasticity is finite, if we are not on x- or y- axis, we know half of the explanation (there is picture in the cfaI book)…


the D’s have won! as per explanation by amberpower above

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Elasticity is perfectly horizontal (e.g. infinite and therefore positive) in perfect competition. It is downward sloping for monopolies and monopolistic competition.

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