Electoral Reform, NOW

Robert Steele is right I think; this guy knows what’s up. Trump’s path, in addition to prosecuting pedogate, needs to be electoral reform in order to destroy the 2 party monopoly apparatus. The republican and democrat parties are all but dead. I agree Trump needs to drive the knife through their heart NOW by engaging the rest of the electorate with electoral reform.

BTW, in case anyone is keeping score, I said nominee Trump is here to destroy both the left and right in favor of a rational middle. He is literally a step away from fulfilling his destiny and restoring the republic. Pray for Trump.


Not sure if trolling or for real

Gave up on watching your videos anymore but I will 100% support any reform that meaningfully destroys the 2 party system without giving some special interest a free path to control. More choices tend to be better (although I am sure Costco would argue that point)

^watch the video. Robert Steele is legit. He sees the whole chessboard.