Electric Bill

How much do you pay per month ? Getting very hot and sweaty.

yea bill is a pretty electric guy, size speed talent

I mean the AC

Ya he’s a pretty chill dude, that bill

The air conditioner

Air condition her? I never even met her!

No my man. The things that keep the house cool. What do you call it ?

The brr-brr-brrreeezy freezy thang?

My hair’s not long enough to need conditioner

My apartment: $80-100/mo

My house: $300-500/mo electricity + $500-700/mo for oil = $800-1200/mo total energy bill

I pay +/-15 electric bills per month.

Hey so just one question quant, what part of canada are you in, given that youre so hot and sweaty, and given that montreal/quebec had a high temp of 66/67 fahrenheit today, and given that youre coming from malaysia and that kuala lumpur went up to 90 today? I’m just wondering what part of canada is so hot that its making you more uncomfortable than where you are from, particularly given that the major population centers in canada are running under normal room temperature.

I am (we are ) visiting relatives in New Jersey. Solid Indian community.

Also my mother is getting her USMLE

super electric bill

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My ConEd bill is $70-$80 on average. Fun factoid: 10% of ohai household electricity usage is powering watch winders.

Like $25 per month. I’m hardly ever home, and when I am I only turn on lights when needed (I don’t need ambient lighting for computer or TV use).

Apartment is naturally cool in summer time so I rarely run the air conditioner, and heating is free in winter if even needed.

^you live in a cave. who doesnt use the ac in the summer?

We bought $3500 of air conditioners today for the new house…gonna get mega sweaty in NE Asia soon. Mandatory here. Probably will be $200 per month electricity, the Samsung guy says it has a new mode that does AC with no fan, saves a lot of juice.

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