Electric Zoo

Several of us from the forum are hitting up Electric Zoo again this year. I’m going Sunday, anyone else considering a meet up?

What is that?

Huge electronic / techno festival in NY: http://www.madeevent.com/ElectricZoo/grandfav

Even if you’re not wild about techno, it’s worth going to I think. It’s pretty sick, watch the video from last year on the website.

I like Friday’s lineup but I’m down to go Sunday as well. Maybe the 3 day pass is worth it…

I’m down for Fri & Sun actually; both have good lineups.

Light a candle in Nuppal’s memory. He probably would be there if he could.

Will do for sure.

I’ll be there Sat. I would’ve gotten the 3 day pass but I live in Boston…

I’ll be in NYC saturday, not sure if I’ll be at EZ that day tho. Definitely going to be there Sunday.

Not to dampen the thread, but does anyone have any updates on nuppal? I hope he is recovering.

From what I can tell, he seems to be in a slow recovery phase, down near Atlanta. I’m not a doctor and I’m hestitant to say anything, but I’m not sure it will be a full recovery.

Went to ultra 2 years in a row. When I lived in mia.

Dude, how are things going!

Also, who put that picture in my post, and how are you people imbedding pictures? I want to do that!

When your post ends up on the homepage, a random picture gets selected with it. The post I started on GLW had a picture of a broken mirror lol.

Hey Nuppal!! What’s going on bro???

you can just copy the image from another page and hit paste in this box - it will do it automatically

Not too much just in rehab and saving nurses life savings after warning them abt faceschmuk.

How are you brudda?

Haha, nice. Facebook was a disaster. Missed having you around man, would love to hear more about what you’re up to.

Mostly rehabbing. Going to France soon to check out their program.

How are you?