Eligibility for level-1 CFA exam

Hello, I am in fourth year of my 5 year BTech-MTech Dual Degree Engineering programme. I want to take the level-1 CFA exam next year to be held on June 6-7, 2009. I will have moved to final year of my degree programme by then. I got confused with the info available on the CFA website: http://www.cfainstitute.org/cfaprog/charterholder/program/program_require.html which says: “be in the final year of your bachelor’s degree program at the time of registration” I am going to register now (August 2008) and I am in my pre-final year of my degree. Am I eligible to take the exam in June 2009? Please help me out. Thanks in advance. Jashu

I don’t think you qualify since the statement says you have to be in a program, not a programme. Sorry man.

Why would you take the CFA if you are in a 5-year dual degree engineering program? Don’t you want to do engineering related work? If not, why would you do a 5-year dual degree engineering program if you wanted to work in investment management? It’s like getting your masters degree in Physics because you want to be an accountant and sit for the CPA exam.


@farley013 thanks for enlightening

Pretty rude comment there… just relax big guy I was a computer science major in engineering school and decided to work in finance… its called changing your mind. Its like an undergraduate switching majors from history to english. I would think you have no eligibility issues - goodluck in June!

JasonU, I understand what you are saying. There are plenty of engineering grads who go on to IM, IB, etc, but a 5-year dual degree program is pretty hardcore. If you realize right before your 4th year you want to do finance, maybe you should alter your plans. Axe the 5th year and 2nd degree, or maybe try a minor in business etc


option #1 - risk $1000 on internet expert advice option #2 - call the cfa institute and ask

If you want to get into Quant someday, that engineering background will definitely help…

I’m in a similar situation in that I will be graduating Dec '09. Before registering for the Dec '08 exam I contacted CFAI and was told that I would be fine as I would technically in my final year of schooling when sitting for the exam. BTW I agree with everyone else when they question your dual degree switch.