Eligibility number

Hello everyone,

I have a question regarding a step in the process of scheduling an appointment for the exam. One of the steps is Eligibility criteria where “Eligibility number” is asked along with the first four characters of your last name. I’m not sure what the “Eligibility number” is, I couldn’t find anything as such in my profile info either. I’d really appreciate if someone who has recently scheduled for cbt could assist me with this.

Thank you

Check your email for an email confirmation from CFAI. If you didn’t receive one yet, you should get one with your Eligibility Number (or Candidate ID)

Hi, i used my candidate id in the place onthe form, however it is throwing an error. Did anyone resolve this?

It can take 2-3 days for the system at Prometric to recognize your eligibility number.

Prometric FAQ

If you received your confirmation email today, maybe you’ll have to wait and try again tomorrow or the day after. If after 3 days of receiving your eligibility number, Prometric still won’t recognize it, you will have to contact CFAI.