Elizabeth Holmes

What do we think about her odds of getting some jail time?

About the same as BTC hitting 100k in my opinion.

is she rich?

At one point, on paper. Not sure about her balance sheet nowadays.

Are we including home equity in the balance sheet?

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Cash and cash equivalents only

I think the fraud itself is something else. Madoff admitted it when he got caught. Holmes and Trevor Milton, as far as I know, are just sticking with the lies.

OOF! Worse than Trump! I’m JK, ■■■■ china.

Nonetheless, would still do.

All day. No doubt.


She seems nice. :neutral_face:

Her face has crazy written all over it.

Lock her up and throw away the key. She is as crooked as they come. Anyone who thinks otherwise should read John Carreyou’s great book, Bad Blood. It is here: https://www.amazon.com/Bad-Blood-Secrets-Silicon-Startup/dp/152473165X/.

I wanna know how she swindled that rich guy into marrying her

Do you want to swindle a rich guy into marrying you?

Why do you want to know? Why is what a crook/swindler did to investors, board members, and a ‘rich guy’ of the slightest interest to you?

Dude you’re being a buzz kill.

Didn’t you suggest we check out the book while simultaneously bumping a seven month old post? Why is any of it of the slightest interest to YOU?