Email delay for marks indication of pass/fail

I believe the timing of when you receive your mark is an indication of whether you fail or not. Last December I received my mark at 9:08 am. Today I received it at 10 am. Both my marks were passes. I asked my friends, they all received it after 11 am and they all failed these were for both levels. I honestly believe they delay the failed messages,

Anybody have a similar thoughts?

Maybe. When I failed level I and 2 I got the results usually an hour later…when I passed I usually got the pass email pretty fast.

I received my pass email for L1 at 9:01am and my pass email for L2 at 11:15am. Your theory is moronic.

@GQladykilla… You are wrong. I did not even get emailed my results during the time period quoted by CFAI. Somehow I slipped through the cracks. I had to call CFAI and FINALLY got my email. I passed on my first attempt with over 70 in every topic.

I got mine about at about 11AM EST, but the timestamp on the email said 10:04 AM EST… i passed.

I hope that they can find a more efficient way to release the results in the future. It’s definitely a productivity killer at work, lol.

Why do u care? you passed at the end…

As far as I’m aware they release all results at the same time, it’s just email servers which cause the delays.