Email for result release date

I heard CFAI announced that they will release May exam result on 8/10.
Is there anyone who could not receive this email?
I checked all the mailboxes including spam but could not find it.
I am concerned about missing my result email…

You could always go to your account and update your profile. You can check if the email ID you updated is right or not. They will use that for all email communication.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about it, except to perhaps check your email settings in your CFA Institute profile as recommended by @analyst_anonymous

The simple fact is, the CFA Institute has not begun differentiating emails yet. It’s all still uniform mass email stage, until they send the individualized results emails. So they’re not signalling anything by not sending you an email, it means there must be some technical glitch. Good luck figuring it out. Cheers and good luck with your test results too!

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I don’t think they have sent out notifications related to a specific date for receiving results, have they?

Are you not referring to guidance on their website where they signal 8-10 weeks after closing of exam window for L1/L2 results and 10 weeks for L3?

They did " We will email your May 2021 CFA® Level III exam result to you on 10 August 2021 after 9:00 a.m. ET at this email address"