Email from CFAI: Apply for Regular Membership Today!

Dear —,

As you await your Level III results, it’s a great time to submit your application for regular membership with CFA Institute and your local society. Regular membership is required for eventual award of the CFA charter.

The [CFA® charterholder application training eLearning module]( &pe=MAa16an_CLQdEQ9rux1EICIx8nchd-Nc3bfZzio2O6UW9eCwJQb-a2cCtQ4I50BzCjyDY2iqmZtAFOQHE4rgfw ) walks you through the steps to apply. While the application is straightforward, the approval process can take four to eight weeks, so get started early while you await your exam results!

Hi, guys, do you receive the above email?