Email from CFAI confirming charterholder status?

Hello Everyone,

My complinace department at work asked for an email from CFAI that shows I am now a charterholder. I am able to show my status in the CFA directory, but I do not know if we will be recieving an email with confirmation from CFAI. I sent the institute an email, but have not yet heard back. Does anyone know if/when we will be recieving notice from CFAI regarding our charterholder status? Thank you,


I just received the e-mail.

Just got mine about 10 minutes ago, says I can now use the designation and that there will be a letter from the CFA president coming soon. Based on earlier mass emails from CFAI, I’d guess it might be awhile before everyone gets the email.

Just got the e-mail 30 minutes ago.

Just got the email as well. Congratulations to all of you.

I just got mine - “Award of CFA Charter Confirmation” at 11.00 AM EST

Just get mine minute ago. Congratulations to all of us Spartans.

Letter from will by in physical form or on email?

Has anyone received the official email from Joh Rogers that is mentioned in the email?

I had called cfai the 2nd day after seeing the CFA behind my name and they sent a customized approved letter pdf to my email that said charter awarded sept 5

I got my email also, but thought it was a bit strange. The sender was “CM Services” whatever that is. I thought it was junk at first. Then the body of the email says you will receive a letter which will accompanied by a letter to notify your employer. And the purpose of this email is…?

I am a CFA charterholder according to your membership directory. I don’t need 3 separate emails to confirm it.

Got the email earlier, but now when I log in, it does not show the CFA next to my name…