Email Study Group for Retakers - Level III

Hoping to form a group of serious people who wants to have a focussed study plan, drill into questions and motivate each other to pass this beast this time. Anyone interested ?

Hi chow, I’m interested.

sorry, my email: lollycake2006 at gmail dot com

hi lolly, just sent you an email. Thanks.

Hi chow, I’m interested too. kindike at gmail dot com

Hi Chow, I am interested as well. My email is zorbalevel3 at gmail dot com Thanks!

Zorba / Indike - check ur email.

I’m interested. josephsavarese at hotmail dot com thanks

I am interested my email is Its a great idea

can i join too? here’s my email: deanlo1981 @ yahoo dot com

Joseph, Neetabux, dean – email sent to you.

Please add me too

heeralm, pls chk your email

I’m interested too… please add me at Thanks!

cfa.gendeng, sent u an email

and me!

Hi Everyone, I hope I’m not too late to join. I added everyone’s (not yet Chow’s) email and hopefully we can bring some positive values to each other.

penny - got your email. check yours.

What is the group email address? Shall we create a Yahoo group for this?

cfaone - yes, we do have a group up and running. send me an email at lollycake2006 at gmail dot com