Emerging Markets Equity Research Interviews

Hello, Does anyone here have experience interviewing for an emerging markets equity research position (buy-side)? I was told the position was “entry-level” but it reports to the fund manager and has an analyst title rather than associate, however it is at a relatively small shop so they might just avoid using the “associate” title. I have a thousand questions right now, and if you can give a shot at sharing your experiences or answer any of the below, I’d really appreciate it. Before anyone throws up the obligatory “let me google that for you” or glassdoor post, please know I’ve already looked, and am now trying to get some info from people who have been through it, and to whom I might be able to ask follow-up questions to. Thanks in advance. My Questions: Can you please let me know what some of the more niche questions or esoteric areas were that were covered? Did you have to conduct part of the interview in a foreign language, or interpret a foreign filing? What type of work samples did you have to bring in? Did you write up a sample research report on a company that would fit the fund criteria? Bring any papers from your college days as a writing sample, or an Excel model? Do you think the Excel models/financial statement models are given less importance than a typical ER position, with more weight on macroeconomic/geopolitical factors? If so, did you do anything to demonstrate specific competence in those areas?

what’s your background? If you got the interview, having and not having experience will influence how it goes. Also, in terms of titles, the bottom is analyst (entry level), associate is above. The only time this is reversed is in equity research, where associate (entry level) is under the analyst.

No experience in these interviews, but maybe you could take a look at their holdings, and try to brush up on those markets? Maye they are listed on some SEC website.

Yeah, since it is equity research, I was expecting it to be an research associate position when I heard “entry-level” … my background is in financial reporting at a couple large-caps. As such, I have no experience in equity research, or buy-side, but I have stellar test scores (high GMAT, aced CFA L1), a good undergrad, and a middling MBA (which I never would have done if I knew then what I know now, even though it was paid by employer).

Thanks Palantir, I’ve checked out what their top holdings are and will have some fun reading up and investigating the companies this weekend.

Thanks Wake, but I don’t see anything to congratulate… I haven’t done s*** yet.

Son, I am from an emerging market, and I iterviewed there for a bulge bracket as well as in the States. It is absolutely no different. At BAML in my country one of the associates wanted to test my english which was quite funny, to say the least, given I was educated in the States. I don’t think nobody will test your proficiency in foreign languages, unless it says in the posting that the language skills are required, and perhaps there is a local in the team and you said you are fluent in the language… For an entry level (at this interview for sell side research at this other bb in my country), I was quizzed about the economy in general, you have to show interest in the markets and all sectors in general, specially because it is entry level and you have no experience covering anything . Say you read the papers, have one or two long ideas and a short idea… Give your macro view of what is going on, if it they like you, you might have a shot to move on to the next stage, but I think you sound overly excited for just an interview…Real cool opportunies come and go ALL THE TIME. That’s my take, Cheers

do you speak Chinese Neal?

Wake, nope, no Chinese for me…