Emerging markets finance- (ranting post)

I don’t do this too often, but I just went through the Emerging Markets Finance reading again, and I can’t help but feeling a bit overwhelmed by it. I’ve got a solid handle on the main testable points of the reading, and even some of the more specific ones, but it’s just 50 pages of sourcing various studies that have been done. I mean, honestly, this reading more than any other (besides GIPS) has made me realize how unbelievably hard they could make this test if they wanted to. I’m sure it’ll be a fair test, but damn, this could just be a nightmare. Anyway, apologies, my natural optimism will return in the morning! Until then I’ve got a case of beer and Robot Chicken. P.S. %($& you GIPS

there is this note at the beginning: Note: Candidates should focus on the issues and concepts examined in this reading rather than the specific results of studies cited by the authors

Hmm, that is an important note it would seem… well played CFAI.