Emerging Markets Research

Anybody know where to go for some good EM research? Especially dealing with decoupling…

I can send you some UBS EM reports if you want - email me at jperlin (at) gmail (dot) com.

sent - thanks!

Sent. If other people want them, please ask Pox Americana - do not flood my inbox with requests.

Pox, could you please send me the reports as well. My email is kai_destiny (at) hotmail (dot) com. Thanks in advance to both of you. Sidenote: j-rad, do you deal with emerging markets? If so, in what capacity?

Kaizer: I do not, but I have access to UBS research and they have an emerging markets section.

Pox, could you forward that on to me as well: gfulkerson35 (at) msn (dot) com


Pox, I generally hold back on the zillion request for something threads, but this is so close to a core interest of mine, I’d love to have a copy if you’re not put out. brucebiz_wi at yahoo

here we go again.

No problem bchadwick, but right now gmail seems to be down. I can probably get it to you later tonight.

I think I am responsible for every email request thread… if only you could PM people…

Could you please forward me on the report at hendra_new at hotmail dot com