Empty seats during CFA exam

For L1 and L2 exam I have taken, I will notice that there are many empty seats in the hall. I wondered if these seats are supposed to be empty? Are they for people who signed up and did not turn up for the test? If this is the case, I think it will mean a larger percentage who sat for the test passed, as compared to 39%.

I believe people who didn’t show up

pass rate is based on the number of tests graded, not by the number of people registered

mcap is right. Pass rate does not include people who didn’t show up.

I heard that it was around 20% in terms of people who sign up but dont show up for the test…

I heard 25 percent don’t show up with Level 1 when taking stalla back in 2008.

I found in Dublin about 20% of the hall was empty in 2010 (across all levels). In 2009 it was 45%