Encouragement to those who did not make it this time around -from band 2 to PASS

Just a word of encouragement. I passed level 1 in December 2015 and I immediately registered (March 2016) for level 2 to write in June 2016 , f** ailed a band 2**. Passed June 2017 with a decent matrix

I realized that I had not given the time that it required.

I rolled up my sleeves from September 2016 to November, took a break in December and then commenced in the second week of January. I easily did +500 hours.

I passed this June with 7 > 70%, 2 in 51-70 and 1 in <50 (derivatives), which I honestly did not study, just listened to videos from Fintree a day before the exam. I only wish I had more time after getting the essence from Fintree to then synthesize the information would have done much better.

Keep your chin up and tackle this beast!!!

Congrats Shami, way to come back with a vengeance.

what is your source to study derivatives?

thank you

To echo OP’s comments.

I went from band 5 after studying what I thought at the time was a lot to a comfortable pass with mostly +70 bar a few areas.

This year around plenty more time on active learning, I mocked till I dropped. I think I did 11 exams in the end, plus all the topic tests twice over.

I just used IFT videos to get exposure to the curriculum quickly then went straight into questions non stop until my eyes bled.

The difference in approach and results was startling but the proof is there. Blunt force repetition is the only way.

Thanks for sharing, Rex. That helps! I was low on practicing, didn’t know how to approach as I came back to studies after many years.

For Level 1 (Dec 2016) and Level 2 (June 2017) used IFT. I cannot recommend it enough. I don’t know if it will be that good for level 3 but I intend to stick with IFT.

how many hours did you study for a band 2?.. that basically like showing up and pure guesses on everything right?

i pm’d you!