End of chapter CFA Curriculum

Hi guys, Recently failed my CFA level 1 jUNE 2011 and trying to figure out where I went wrong. I have a question about the end of chapter questions in the CFA curriculum. How important are these questions?

More important than the reading itself.

Super important!!

Try to do them all. They are referred to on this forum as EOC questions.

Go back and read the CFAI “How to Use the CFA Program Curriculum” (in the front of every CFAI text volume) from your 2011 Curriculum that talks about how to gauge your knowledge of the Curriculum. You’ll find it’s the EOC problems, the CFA sample and mock exams. I would go through the EOC problems at least 3 or 4 times, or at least until you can nail the question without having to reference how to solve the problem or question in the reading. For a recommended study process check out this blog. http://www.qc4blog.com/?p=905 The recommended study schedule will help you to time phase your studying through a 31 week study schedule and a 4 review before the exam. I highly recommend using a 6 week review time as suggested by the CFAI; this 37 week process started on Saturday August 6th. You have time to utilize this process if you start now!!! W

I never did any except for Ethics, I used Schweser only - but considering it’ll be your second attempt; it would be wise to do them as well. Apparently they are alot more important for level 2 - I will definitely do them. Goodluck