End of chapter questions in the CFA texts...

go over them…there were a few of those in Mock 1!!! and i am not sure, but quite positive that some of them actually had the same numbers!!! i am too exhausted to go and check the books to confirm if the numbers were the same, but i know some of the questions were from the text books!

yeah, text book questions are way too length for the FSA book. essay type questions. for most other chapters, I am trying to look thru, but WAY TOO MUCH MATERIAL!! cfa has ruined my life and now i am not feeling like i’ll pass. :frowning: what use is to put so much time into a failure. i better work at mcdiddy to make some money.

for FSA go with the concepts…no major calculations… the basics…even in most other sections (except for ethics) they are going to ask atleast 50-65% of the basic questions, another 5-10% on the topics that are new and im thinking if you get most of those right and some of the others by sheer guesswork or elimination you should be in the safety zone… and pepp, i don’t think u need to worry, just by the amount of questions u cover in this board u should pass (as long as u retain the material and this close to the exam i doubt u will forget)…take a sample or a mock, it will give u a better understanding of what they expect u to understand and have a grasp on! wow! im in a terribly"preachy" mode this evening…i guess the coffee is kicking in!